First Blog Post Ever!

I just got internet in my own house for the first time in 6 years and I cannot stop looking at craft blogs.  I love to craft.  Pretty much anything that I can beg, borrow or steal supplies for and can find some sort of reference to learn from I will try.  Sometimes it works out and sometimes not to much.  My current projects for the moment will be to teach myself how to use WordPress and to get used to the keyboard on my new laptop so that I don’t do this \\\\\\\\\\\\\ every time I go to use the shift button.

On a more crafty note today I am starting the In A Spin CAL on ravelry, the pattern for the first squares was posted this afternoon and I think I will whip one up before I go to bed. This will be my first crochet-a-long and I have been waiting all week for it to start!

I used to keep a craft journal and write down every project that I did, pattern info, notes, results and all.  I kinda drifted away from it so hopefully this blog can get me inspired to do that again, but in a visual, online format for the whole world to read!

And here is my disclaimer: I would love to post some pictures but I moved recently (well in July, so not that recently but still…) and my camera charger has yet to be unpacked, so it reappears or I get a new camera, iphone photos it is.

Goodnight World


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