Is it Wednesday yet?

For some reason every time I think about what day it is today I keep thinking it is Wednesday instead of Monday.  Probably because that would mean that I only have one day left to work this week instead of three.  Hmmm.  Sylas took of his pants and diaper today and peed on my sewing chair.  And then stood there saying “Pee!”  I am pretty sure that he actually meant “Hey Mama, time to potty train!”  Here’s hoping that he won’t decide to poo outside all next summer like Raiden did when he was that age.  It was always right beside the walkway and he always stepped in it.  That was a messy summer.

I found this in my yard today.


It was so big I was running around looking for something for scale and came up with an apple.  Jason was looking at me like I  am crazy….like he usually does, but I am pretty sure that he actually likes it.  I suppose with all the fruit trees in our yard and an apple orchard next door a gigantic bee hive is to be expected.  Apparently Jason saw it when it was still in the tree and didn’t point it out to me, and I missed seeing it before it was all busted up.  Raiden is so excited about it, even though I won’t let him pull it apart to see how it goes together.

Awhile ago I bought some lace yarn from Knitpicks. Two Skeins of Shimmer in Eucalyptus and Two skeins of Shadow in Nocturne Heather and Midnight Heather.

I didn’t really have a plan in mind when I bought them, and I have been pondering what to make of them ever since.  On Sunday I ran in to the general store to grab some velcro for a bag I am making and debated buying some knitting needles so I could try an experiment in knitting, but waiting for me on the needle rack was a 2mm tunisian crochet hook…and it was on sale!  So of course I had to buy it and as soon as I manage to make something I shall post the results.

And to finish of, a work in progress that will soon be declared finished, a triangle scarf in varigated purple crochet cotton.

By the way did I mention the phone pictures, I am going to find the charger for my real camera soon! I promise!


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