In a Spin Week 3, a basket and a bag!

I have been so sick with a terrible cold. So my poor little fledgling blog has suffered because I haven’t even looked at my computer.  In between work, headaches and coughing fits I made some stuff though.

I made a case for my laptop from a really good tutorial off of this site, but when I tried to link back to it just now it said that it has been removed.  Which is too bad because it was a really good tutorial.  Looks like I finished my bag just in time.  At the moment it is patiently awaiting straps, which it will get as soon as I get into town to pick up some nylon webbing.

A couple months ago I bought this basket from a garage sale.  I knew I wanted to use it to carry around my crochet projects, but the inside is pretty rough and I didn’t want it snagging on my yarn.  You know what that means……Basket liner time!!! I used a blue gingham to make the lining and then blanket stiched around the top and crocheted into that for an edging to hold it in place.  I finished it off with some buttons that my lovely friend Annette picked up for me because she said once she saw them she couldn’t not buy them for me.  Looking at it, it looks like three really random colors and textures thrown together, but I quite like the result.

My third block for the In a Spin CAL.  I really liked this block, it was super easy but it is also super pretty…even if mine does look a bit misshappen in this picture.

Check out my awesome dishwasher helper!



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