December Countdown Time!

Don’t you just love Secret Santas?  We are doing one at work and I drew the name of my recipiant today and I am so excited. But’s a secret.  Christmas is getting so close, the boys are counting chocolates on their advant calendar, me and Jason are rushing around trying to get a moment without one of them so we can buy their presents, and this weekend we are getting our Christmas tree!

005                                   006

A couple of ornaments that I got at our local craft fair for our tree from some wonderful local artisans.  The lady who makes the owl ornament is my friends aunt and she also makes larger stuffed owls and pillows, really neat birds and houses all using upcycled materials.  I bought one of her pillows for myself.  I thought she had her stuff online but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so if I do I will post the link.  The lady who makes the snowshoe heart ornaments also had some amazing birdhouse decorations all made out of birch.  If they had been in the budget I would have bought one but I was on a Christmas gift shopping mission!  Sy had to carry that owl all around after I bought it, I don’t know how long it is actually going to stay on the tree, but oh well, he can’t really hurt it.


I crocheted some apple cozies using this tutorial from Little Abbee Patterns.  I thought they would be cute for Raiden to take his apples to school in, but my boss is convinced that he will get beat up if he does.  They may be considered not cool if you are in Kindergarten, but I dropped my apple on the floor when it was in one of these babies and there was not a bruise on it.  So take that mean apple cozy haters!  This is part of a Wacky Holiday Crochet Group I’ve joined in on ravelry.  Go check it out if you are looking for a really random, quick crochet!


Update on In A Spin CAL: Finished block 4 and boy did this one make me want to get a pair of knitting needles and stab it!  The first time I did the square it was ok, there was just one part in the middle that was a bit wonky, but when I went to redo it it took me like 5 tries.  It is complete and acceptable now, countdown until the next block, which should be sometime tomorrow afternoon!!

013                              011

Finished my purple scarf and I do have to say that I am quite please with it.  I normally don’t like to be on the picture side of the camera but once and a while I will make an exception.  I found this pattern in an issue of Crochet Today years ago and made it for my sister.  I couldn’t find my copy of the magazine since most of my house is still pack up *even though we moved in July* so I made this pretty much from memory.  It is a super simple pattern, but crocheting something this size with crochet cotton just drags on foreeeeveeeer……


I am really in to purple lately.   This is my version of the Blue Mandala Throw also known as the Purple Mandala Throw.  I just started this but methinks it is going to have to be put away until all my Christmas crafting is complete! There are sock monkeys to be made!

I bought myself a poinsetta on Monday.



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  1. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment on my blog. So glad you liked my PCH! I’ve definitely got more to do too, so I’ll still be working at it in 2013 too :)

    Sandra x

    PS, your purple scarf is lovely and looks so cozy, it’s a great picture don’t worry :)

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