Not much of anything….

So I feel really bad for not posting in my blog for over a week, but the truth is that not much has been going on.  Raiden had his first ever Christmas concert last night and was adorable, they did a ribbon dance to a song from The Nutcracker and then sang Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, which seemed an odd song for Kindergartens to sing, but it was cute anyways.  No pictures because Jasons sister took them all on her camera and I need to send her a memory stick to fill up for me.


This is my Christmas tree.  This is not a lovely photo to showcase all my unique painstakingly chosen and handmade ornaments.  This is a picture to show the ridiculous shape of my tree.  This tree is HUGE.  It takes up a ton of floor space and when Jason brought it in it was also way too tall.  Instead of taking it back outside and cutting the trunk down he just decided to take the clippers and snip bits off the top until it fit.  Causing this conversation.

Me: “That tree is ridiculous, it looks like a gigantic green ball of Christmas in the living room.”

Jason: “Yeah, but you love it anyways”

Me: “Yeah….I do.”

Because I do love my big ridiculous ball of Christmas tree.  Even if we had to zip strap the star to the top.

In A Spin Update:

Smooth sailing, finished weeks 4 and 5.  Block 7 has a little mistake in it, but you can’t really tell and so I am just going to leave it, to add some character you know….

006             005

Blocks 5 & 6                                                                                                            Block 7


I started making these squares from this Drops pattern.  I changed it a bit because the squares had a round of treble crochets around the outside and I really didn’t like the look of them.  I have no idea what they are going to be, but probably something AWESOME!  But really, I have 8 50g balls of this yarn and so I guess I will just wait and see how many squares I get out of that.

Coming Soon: The Christmas Pickle



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