Twas the night before the night before Christmas….

 and all through the house not a creature was stirring….except for me.  I have to work a 2 till 10pm shift every night until next Friday. At least I get to spend Christmas morning with my boys.  I am all ready for Christmas, all thats left is to wrap a couple presents and all the stocking stuffers, and I need to find a giant bow…..

So as promised, the Christmas Pickle



A Secret Santa gift for my boss who hates pickles.  Somehow the hit of our Christmas party became the Christmas Pickle and it got passed around because everone wanted to touch it…..

In A Spin


Block 8

009           008

A shawl pattern I am testing on ravelry.  I really like it but the whole lace weight and really dark yarn is not completely working for me.  I have a few gifts to finish up and then I’m really gonna get to work on it…since the deadline is January 15 :S





Some wonderful Christmas artwork Raiden has brought home from Kindergarten.  The top one is a candle holder made out of a tin can….I can see that one coming out 20 years from now :)

On a non crafty note, Sylas turned 2 on Friday.  He had a 24 hour flu or something and wasn’t feeling very well so it was just the four of us and some split pea soup, and that was about as exciting it got. We also had some sibling issues as Raiden thought that he should get to play with all Sy’s birthday presents right away.  There was some screaming and then some crying and then they shared and all was well.

  I bought a training potty for Sylas a couple days ago and just this morning he took off his pants and diaper, sat down on it and peed! For the very first time! That is the best Christmas present ever for me.  However, he has learned that if you pee on the potty while being superman you will get pee on your cape if you’re not careful.  Then you have to stop being superman while mommy washes your cape. Which is a bit of a tragedy.

And another happy thing, my local yarn/fabric store does this thing where every time you buy something you write your name and phone number on your reciept and put it in a draw to win a ball or two of yarn depending on price or a fabric charm pack.  After 5 years of being entered in that draw at least once every month I won!! I picked out a ball of Lion Brand Homespun in Fiesta.  Not because i have a plan for it but because I have never used it before and I don’t think I would ever pick it out if I was buying it myself.  Maybe I will make something for my car because it’s a Fiesta.  Oh the possibilities.

So I will probably be out and about and busy for the next little while doing lovely Christmasy things and working.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!


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