Exciting things are happening…

Such as, I just found out I am going to be an Auntie again! Jasons brothers girlfriend is pregnant and they are engaged now too!!! It shows what kind of person I am though, when they stop by my work to show me her ring and instead of asking them when the date is I asked if it is a “you say shotgun, I say wedding” kind of thing.  Too clarify that, I didn’t actually know that she was pregnant until after he was all like “who told you?”  I am a terrible person.  But they were looking at me really funny, and I was right!  So baby blankie planning here I come.  I want to do something like this, except crocheted…because knitting makes me uncomfortable and knitting in the round terrifies me.  I am looking around for some cheaper alternatives to using Noro as well, it costs a lot, I have heard it can be a bit rough for a baby blanket and I would like somethind that is a little more machine washable.  So I am considering Knitpicks Chroma, Lion Brand Amazing, Bernat Mirage and Mary Maxim Prism.  Any thoughts anyone…..

While doing the dishes today I had a sudden memory come to me.  I knew exactly what box I packed my camera charger it.  So out to the garage went I to dig it out and there it was, right in the box I knew it would be in.  The battery in it has been dead since shortly after we moved to our new house, so I give you…..July!


happy boy in a tie


kinda sad boy and I wish I could remember why


our house from the side


view from the back deck, my garden


I have a marble toilet and it makes me smile



Next time I am promising some color, really….there will be color!

*and more real camera not iphone pictures*



  1. Hi Cassandra, thanks for stopping by my blog. That blanket you linked to it gorgeous (but beyond my skill level! I am terrified of knitting in the round). You could try crocheting a sunburst of circular granny square, that would look similar. I am planning a sunburst crochet baby blanket for a friend.

    Gillian x

    1. Thanks for the input :) I think I am going to try something like that, there are a few different patterns I’ve found for crocheting circles in squares, so I’m going to try them out until I find the perfect one.

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