It’s a little late but….

…here is my 2012

February – We were in a bad car accident, Jasons elbow was broken and he needed surgery, we totalled off the car, but thankfully the boys weren’t hurt at all…go car seats!!!

April – Got a new job.

May – Found out that I like my new job.

July – Bought our first house.

September – Raiden started Kindergarten.

November – Started this blog!!

So thats about it for the big events of 2012, on to 2013.

2013 is the year of the stash bust.  Seriously.  I am going to go through all of my fabric, yarn and other crafty stuff and everything that I am just never going to use I am either going to put in a garage sale, give away or donate to gleaners.  And then whenever I want to start a new project I am going to seriously contemplate if I can make it from what I already have, and if not, do I really need to make it.

I am also determined to overcome my fear of knitting this year.  It is totally unreasonable, if I can teach myself to crochet and don’t eve blink at trying the most complicated patterns, then why can’t I do that for knitting.

We are also going to try doing a 52 weeks savings plan, where you put aside $1 in week one, $2  in week two and so on…if you do it right you will end up with $1378.00 at the end of the year.  So we are going to try and put what we save into new windows for our house.

Alright then, on to the fun stuff…..


I am using up my scraps to make something super scraptacular.  I think it shall remain mysterious for now.

045 044

A scarf I made from this pattern.  In the first picture it is kind of hard to see but it shows the different patterns of the front and back.  The light here is not nice today.   I made this using up two balls of Patons Canadiana, and so the second picture is trying to show that the thing ended up being almost 9 feet long.  Therefore it is draped seductively around a broom.


I  made a pair of fingerless gloves from my Lionbrand Homespun that I won last month.  I love how they turned out but I must say that Homespun is a pain to crochet with, and if you have to have to rip it out for any reason it’s pretty much time to cry.


From the leftovers I am making some some stars from the Teeny Tiny Stars pattern from Attic 24.  These are going to be a garland to go over my window above my kitchen sink.  I had lights up there over Christmas and when I took them down it just looked so sad and lonely that I just have to make something to put up there.


In A Spin Block 9 for anyone that is interested.  We have been given the instructions for joining if we want to use them, but I think I am going to wait until all the blocks are finished and see how they fit together.

047 046

My shawl that I am testing the pattern for.  I do love how this is turning out, but I need to get working on it,  as soon as I am done posting here that is exactly what I am going to do.  I get frustrated working with lace weight yarn, but you just can’t argue with the beautiful results.  I guess that is why somehow I keep ending up buying it, and then finding just the right pattern for it, and then cursing at it all the while I am working on it.


My sister in laws boyfriend make this stool for the boys for Christmas and they painted it! And then they painted themselves….and the bath turned green…and it was a whole thing.  I just have to put a layer of sealer on this and it is good to go.  It’s actually pretty cool, the top step flips up and it has a little storage area in it for all those treasures that little boys seem to have.


I got these 2 frames for free on a local buy and sell site on Facebook.  They are about 4 and a half feet tall and 2 feet wide.  I have some plans for them.  I am just deciding what is the best one.  Right now I am leaning towards making them into padded headboards for above my bed.


Got my Knitpicks order in yesterday! 23 balls of CotLin – 10 in Swan and 13 in various colors, and a copy of Crochet Boutique.  Yay.  I have just flipped throught the book and I already want to make half the stuff thats in it, but I think I am going to go for the Button Capelet first, just because I have some Extra Chunky yarn that I want to use up, and GO STASHBUST!


We went down to the States yesterday and went to Micheals to use up a couple of gift cards that I got for my birthday.  Walked out with a bunch of assorted felt (the tie die is my favorite), a bird embroidery kit (because none of the cross stitch kits caught my eye, so time to learn how to embroider), a package of origami paper (I am going to teach myself to make some super cool stars…I hope), a weekly planner (I’m gonna sew a cover for this, although I do heart lime green), a copy of How to Make Money Using Etsy by Timothy Adam (self explanatory, I think) and an I Taught Myself Knitting Package (I am NOT scared of it…you are!) So YaY for a great haul.  Normally I would go straight to beading supplies and yarn,  but since I had a gift card I decided to get a bunch of random stuff that I have been wanting to try for a while.  It was fun.  Jason hated chasing the boys around for like an hour in the store, but thats ok.


Remember this pattern.  Well here is the yarn for it.  Lion Brand Amazing in Glacier Bay and Caron One Pound Baby in White.  Glacier Bay wasn’t my first color choice, it was Jasons, but since the blanket it going to be for his brothers baby, I thought I would let him pick.

Well I think thats all for today.  This feels like a super long post.  I will leave you with the view from my front step.


It’s Winter.


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