Where have I been?


This is where I have been.  In every moment when I have not been required to cook, clean, or cuddle…..or work *but that doesn ‘t fit into my alliteration* I have been madly crocheting away to finish my October Leaves Shawl.  And I do have to say that I am quite pleased with myself about this one.  Me and the boys are spending the weekend in Nakusp and this shawl was a gift for my Auntie who lives there….or here, since Nakusp is where I am at the moment…. The shawl was finished in time for the test deadline, and in time to be wrapped and gifted.  It was a little painful giving this away, I really do love it, but give it away I did, and my auntie loves it too!  And a few more beauty shots.

017 020

Try taking a picture of a shawl named October Leaves in January…..it is a bit tough to get the mood right.

What else have I been up to?  In A Spin of course!


Block 10


Block 11


I got an awesome china cabinet for only $75 so finally some of the boxes of pretties in my garage can be unpacked.  Facebook buy and sell sites, they are the best.  Jason says I need to stop buying stuff online, but I keep finding such great deals, and it’s all local stuff so no shipping and waiting, just bring cash and take it home, so how am I supossed to stop?  It is highly addicting.


I bought some tulips to bring some spring into my house, since I took this picture they have already lost all their petals, so I guess I will have to find some new flowers where I get home.

I have started knitting.  Half a dishcloth to be exact.  In the spirit of knitting and stashbusting in the new year, I have a huge ball of worsted cotton in a colorway called Key Lime Pie *which is a lot bit awesome!* and a couple of small balls of blue and I am pretty much going to knit dishcloths until they are all gone.  I figure it is just like making large swatches and I can get myself accustomed to the motions of knitting and experiment a bit while I am at it.  Because dishcloths are the one thing that you really can screw up and they can still be totally useful.

I have also started on my baby blanket based on the Pop Blanket,  and when I have more than one square completed I will definatly post some pictures of it.

I hope everyone has a most wonderful weekend!



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