Knitting, baby blanketing, and adoring.


Thats what is up!

So I know my plan was to just knit dishcloths until I got it down or ran out of cotton, whichever came first, but then I was on Ravelry snooping around on the Free Pattern Testers group when I found this super cool cowl patten that was just calling out for me to test it.    I’m still learning to knit, I am just not stashbusting….I had to buy new yarn for it….because I was in Nakusp and couldn’t wait one day until I got home to start it….I am terrible.  The yarn, by the way, is Patons Astra and the color is called Wild Wizard.  And it is making me super happy just working with it, it’s so bright and wacky! My dishcloth is still only half finished though.  I really do need to stay off that group for a while now, it’s just that I think it is super exciting to be one of the first people to try a pattern.  Anyone else feel the same way or am I just strange?

I have started working on my baby blanket, I decided that it needed a bit more visual interest than a crochet circle in a square so I designed the circle to look like a dirtbike tire, because Jason and his brother both love to dirtbike, and so do my boys, and so will my future niece or nephew I suppose.  For those of you who don’t get forced to watch dirtbiking on a regular basis, here is a link to the picture that I used a reference.

What else can I tell you….Raiden was a dancing pig and Sylas got a new Carhart jacket and looks super duper cute in it.

Also, mosaic makers are fun!


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