Surface Braid Crochet

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Well now I have, and look down…isn’t it pretty?


This was another pattern test that I did,  *ravelled here*, and I found a link to a hat pattern with a great video tutorial of this stitch here.


More years ago than I care to mention I had some sort of plan to make something. Isn’t that the way it  usually goes? So I bought a one pound ball of white Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. And six boxes of Rit dye.


I spent a whole evening winding that cotton into approximately equal hanks, and standing over the stove and sink dying, and then waiting really, really impatiently for the hanks to dry.


Thankfully by the time it was time to wind the hanks into balls Jasons Granny invited me over to use her swift and yarn winder.


I did start a project with it right away, ended up frogging it and the first and only yarn that I ever dyed sat in a bag and waited for the right project to come along.


And that is the story of how I had the perfect yarn on hand to discover this prettiful new stitch and make myself a wonderful hippie hat!

I went to Cranbrook yesterday and stopped in the yarn store.  In the back there were two ladies knitting, the lady who owns the store, and another older lady.  Well when I walked into the store wearing my awesome new hat the older lady said, very audibly “There sure is a lot of hippies coming in here nowadays .” It kinda made my day.

I was in the yarn store to get some yarn for a new CAL I joined.  Go check it out!




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