Mandala CAL Beauty Shots

I finished my mandala two days ago, yesterday I blocked it and today was its photo shoot! Would you like to see it?006

Maybe a little bit more?


Okay…here is the whole thing.


Finished mandala is 9.5 inches diameter.  It is made with a 2.5mm hook and sock yarn, except for the gray, which is dk.  More information about that can be found on my Ravelry page here. Since I had to go out and buy yarn especially for this I really am excited that I have lots left to play with.


It was really wavy when I was making it, and I was a bit worried that using a larger weight yarn for the gray was not a great idea, but it blocked out beautifully.


My only problem now is that I have this gorgeous mandala and I am not quite sure what to do with it not.  I would like to hang it, but it’s too floppy to be stuck on the wall as it. My ideas at the moment are to paint the back with craft glue and crochet a loop to hang it with and stick it on the wall or…paint a canvas in a wonderful complimenting/contrasting color and somehow attach the mandala and hang it.  Idea number two is slightly more ambitious, but I am kind of leaning towards that because I think it would make a super neat piece of artwork.


So now that is done I can get back to work on my baby blanket.  I ran out of white yarn and when I went to get some more they didn’t have the same kind there.  And who knew it would be so hard to match whites? Not me.  Since I am working on the border I picked out another yarn that is pretty close, I am just going to continue on and hope that no one notices it, or if they do they think that it is on purpose.  Does anyone else ever do that?

Time to go watch the boys do yardwork :)




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