Cupcakes are Yummy

Well it is 8:30 here, and I have an hour or so to myself, which is nice. The boys are in bed, or in their bedroom at least, I can still hear them playing, and Jason doesn’t get home from work for another hour and a half.

Today was fun, the whole afternoon was just me, Raiden and Sylas, which doesn’t happen that often anymore.

We baked cupcakes. Actually I baked cupcakes while they cleaned the beaters and taste tested everything for me. Which is a very important job.


They turned our quite yummy.  I used a new recipe for the frosting, Perfect Cupcake Frosting and Filling, which can be found here, and it made the most delicious, fluffy frosting.  I will definatly be using this recipe again.  After all their taste testing the boys still had room for a cupcake when they were all done.




No complaints from these two.

After cupcakes we did some painting.




The boys added another layer to their stepping stool that they have been working on for a while. I think I am going to put a coat of sealer on that tonight and call it done.  I painted a canvas that will be the frame for my Overlay Mandala, but more about that another day :) And don’t worry, that paint is non-toxic.

After painting it was bathtime…that is just the way that things always seem to progress, and then I sat down and worked on the cardigan that I am knitting for Raiden.  Thats right…I am knitting a cardigan.


This is another pattern test, I am seriously addicted to doing them. I really need to make myself stop for a while though, I have yarn for about 3 planned projects that I would like to get started.

So my day ended with cuddling on the couch watching Rango, and here I am now, enjoying a few precious moments of alone time.

What did you do today?



  1. Wow that looks like it has been fun! I don’t do much painting as I’m sure my 2 cats would gladly walk through a freshly painted… well… anything. Besides the lack of talent ofcourse haha. I think it’s just an addiction, al those yarns. If only we could just stop finding great skeins… (fellow addict speaking).

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