Once again the boys are in bed and I have a bit of time to myself until Jason comes home from work, so here I am!  Too bad I couldn’t get this nice little time frame to myself every night,  but I think I might run out of things to say.  Today is Jasons last day of work, break up starts tomorrow, so I have 2 months or so of bossing him around over stuff I want done around the house.  First off we need to get our yard in shape for Easter.  When we bought this place we absolutely loved the yard and all the trees, but we didn’t think of all the raking that would be involved.  It was July, what can I say? So when fall came we were completely unprepared.  Now all the snow is melted and we can see the leaves again :S So we need to get to work and get that cleaned up so we can have our first easter egg hunt here.

We also need to get our garden ready to plant.  And at some point I will need to attempt to trim some fruit trees.  Another thing we love about our yard is all the wonderful fruit it provides us.  But now I really need to educate myself about fruit.  We have apples, cherries, plums, pears, raspberries, blackberries red and black currants and a huge strawberry patch, and I really don’t know how to maintain any of it.  Oh well, I suppose I will learn.  That is what the internet is for, and I saw that our community college offers a short course on the care and maintenance of different fruit trees that grow in the valley, that might be something that I have to look into.

Anyways….on to the fun stuff!


I am very pleased to present you with my mandala, painted canvas and all.  Looking at this picture I think my backdrop could have done with a bit more blending, but it really doesnt look quite so blotchy in real life. I wanted something that would really make the colors of the mandala pop, and I think that red-orange-yellow really does the trick. It now has a happy home hanging on my bedroom wall, but no picture of that because I have the ugliest bedroom ever.  Seriously.  Think wood panneling, floral wallpaper accents and scallopped wooden trim. Ugh.

I haven’t been the greatest about updating my In A Spin lately, but here are the last 3 blocks.


Block 17


Block 18


Block 19

Well… my knitting is calling me, so have a great night!





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