Photographic proof that Easter did, in fact, occur.

Hello World!  Nothing crafty today, just a quick peek at my weekend :)

 Here is the break down of my Easter.

Friday – Worked 2 till 10.

Saturday – Barbeque with the family, got spectacularly drunk.

Sunday – Was hung over, did Easter stuff.

Monday – Worked 6 till 2.

So not so much of a long weekend for me, but I did take some pictures.


Saturday was just beautiful, we spend an hour or so at the park before family dinner, and we had lots of fun.


Sunday was fun too, Easter egg hunt first thing in the morning, decorating eggs and then off to Jasons uncles house for brunch.  Then we hung out around the house for a while and went for a quick drive down to the States for some groceries.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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