In A Spin…..


Block 20

Spring is here :) Everything is turning green.  There is buds on all the trees and bushes.  Jason is “twiddling” with the lawnmower, trying to get it to work again after he took it all apart.  I don’t think that twiddling is the right word for whatever it is that he is doing… but I just smiled and nodded at that.

I started some seeds and 4 of them have actually sprouted so far! And my trays are all covered with mold….. But Google told me that if it is green mold then it is really just algae, which won’t hurt the plants at all, and you just need to let them have more air and less water.  So it wasn’t quite the disaster that I thought.  I am starting a few more things next week, hopefully it won’t happen again.  I read that if you sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on your soil just after you plant the seeds it prevents mold from growing.  Does anyone out there grow their own vegetables from seed? And if so, do you have any advice for me?


Block 21

I have been doing lots of crocheting and knitting lately, but I am finding that I really miss sewing.  I starting working on a gigantic colored pencil holder yesterday that will hang on the wall and hold 350 pencils and I was *sew* happy to be sewing anything…even just straight lines.  It was great, and lame joke…I know.   Part of the reason that I haven’t been sewing is that my sewing room, which is also my laundry room, is also a catchall room for everything that I don’t know quite where to put and you can barely walk through it, never mind trying to sit down at the table and sew.  It is so bad that over Easter I had to hang a door curtain so that no one could see in there.  Hmmm…. I need to organize.


Block 22

I hated making this block.  I have no more to say about it.


I have also been working on a scarf with the yarn I got from a swap.  It is almost finished, just a few more rows and then ends and ends and ends to weave it.  Here is my supervisor making sure that my work has all been done correctly :)

Have a great day!!



  1. Haha that last picture is great! I’ve got a niece who is always asking to ‘crochet a little bit along’. She can’t tie a knot or anything but it’s just so cute to watch them try!

    1. I just got my older son started on one of those knitting looms that just makes a little tube. He always looks like he is Doing something do important when he is knitting, and if his little brother even comes near him…look out!

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