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To start with, I have been shamefully neglectful lately, not just about writing in my blog, but I haven’t been commenting on any either.  In case you are wondering I have been quietly watching.  That is just the kind of place I have been in lately.


This was my view of the sunset from my front porch a couple weeks ago.  Beautiful isn’t it?  We are having somewhat of a debate if we should cut down that willow tree right now.  Looking at this picture I think I have just made up my mind up, it’s staying!


Aren’t these the prettiest little leaves?  The previous owners of our house were quite old and weren’t able to keep up with all the yard work, and I thought I was going to have to dig this shrub up, there was so much dead wood.  But me and a pair of pruning shears persevered and after cutting away about twice as much as was left I saved it! It looks so happy now :)


I built up the rock wall around my flower bed, got rid of a few plants and added a few.


Grape Hyacinths… Sylas loves to pull these apart.  Well he loves to pull any flower apart really, but these are especially fun!  I do try to keep him out of the flowerbeds and am teaching him not to touch the flowers, but it is an uphill road.


My Bleeding Heart is going to bloom soon! This is one of my favorite flowers, and I have 3 plants now!


Tulips in my backyard flowerbed.  They are all yellow and blooming except for one lonely red tulip which you can see is still a bud.  I am amazed that these have escaped the deer, I guess Ariel is earning her dog food.


The cherry trees have just starting to bloom, it is only three more weeks until the Blossom Festival here.  Here’s a fun fact: The main industries of the Creston Valley include agriculture, forestry and Kokanee beer. lol.


Also, the gnomes have come out of hibernation.  This little fellow lives in my willow tree.  If I could live in any kind of tree I think it would be a weeping willow. What about you?

Wow.  I really am rambling today.  And I know what you are thinking, this is supposed to be a craft blog, not a gardening blog.  But truth be told, I have been so busy with yard work that I haven’t had much time for craftiness.

I bought a new sewing desk and a big plastic set of drawers to store yarn in so I can get my sewing/crafting/laundry room in order and be somewhat more productive, but it takes time.

I did finish up my Granny Zig-Zag Scarf and I am quite pleased with it.  It makes me think of lilacs. Here it is!


We just got a new picnic table and I ended up with stain for it that I really didn’t want, I just wasn’t paying attention in the store. I do have to say it is great for photographing though!


This turned out to be about seven feet long!  It is cosy, but since spring has finally decided to arrive I think it is just going to have to look pretty until next fall when it can start being useful.


Attempt at an action shot.  I hate pictures of me though so I cropped most of it out and this is all you get.

Well that is enough for today I suppose… Right now it is absolutely gorgeous out here, but it was so yucky this morning that we lit our woodstove!  What’s the weather like where you are?



  1. here in the Netherlands it is actually sunny and warm (for the first time this year, yay!) but it’s going to rain on wednesday though… The colours of your scarf are beautiful! I especially like the (pastel) lavender :)

    1. Thanks, I really can’t take credit for the colors, they were sent to me in a swap, I never would have put them together myself…
      Don’t you just love the first bit of sunshine of the year? We have had sun for about a week now and everthing just turned GREEN!

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