Lets try this again!


So the other day I got a notification from WordPress that I started up my blog a year ago. The sad part is that I haven’t blogged since April. I really just didn’t have the time. Working full time shift work, 2 messy boys at home (3 if you count their dad), and all the yardwork and preserving I had to do over the spring/summer/fall pretty much took up all my time. I wasn’t even making anything, and to tell the truth I was getting a little bit miserable.


So I took a chance! I quit my job and got a new one working 2 days a week, normal office hours and I couldn’t be happier about it. Sure we have to be a little bit more careful financially, but with me at home most of the time now it is much easier for us to save money on day to day things. I have been able to sort things out around my house that have been waiting for a while, keep things a lot cleaner and most of all, I have time to do the things that I love.


So now I do have time to blog, and I thought that I would start things off with a bang. I started this ripple blanket back in May and just finished it last week. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the whole thing because I had a little helper who things this is the snuggliest thing ever. Pattern is the Neat Ripple Pattern by Lucy from Attic24, using 10 different colors of Lion Brand Wool Ease. Ravelled here if you want more details.


So that’s that. Now I am hanging out at home by the woodstove most of the time working on Christmas presents. Except for today, because Jason demanded a turkey dinner, and I have to run in to work to do a couple hours of training and Raiden gets dismissed from school an hour early and I have a parent teacher conference to go to which I can’t actually make it to so Jason has to go and he never really passes on exactly what was said and excuse the small rant.


Gratuitous shot of blanket in sunshine of fallen willow branch.


And just one more…

Have a great day everyone!





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