This post is brought to you by the letter J.

J, of course, is for juice.


That is what we have been doing lately. Juicing. And it is so much fun coming up with all the different combinations. Some of them are amazingly delicious and some of them are not so great. I got a copy of The Juicing Bible in the mail today, I can’t wait to try a some of the recipes and see how they compare to what I have just been randomly throwing together.

 Ok, quick back story. Jason loves to watch documentaries on Netflix. Recently we watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which is a documentary about a man who goes on a 60 day juice fast. After watching this Jason thought it would be a good idea for us to go on our own juice fast. I don’t know about you, but I live in a house full of boys, and when one of them  voluntarily decides to do something healthy I generally go with it. So the juicer was purchased and we started juicing.

The whole juice fast thing kind of turned into one juice a day, but that is okay with me! Right now I am drinking 2 meals a day and planning to do a 3 day fast over the weekend. Jason is taking one huge jug of juice with him in the morning and the boys have some of my juice whenever they like what I have made. So more vitamins for all of us and I feel great! This particular juice is orange-grapefruit and it is super yummy.

If you look on the windowsill to the right of my lovely canning jar o’ juice there is another canning jar. Can you see it?


Yup, you are seeing that right. Homemade citrus cleaner in the works. This is one of the things that between facebook and pinterest I think everyone has seen. And thought it was a great idea. I know I did, so I took all the peels from my oranges and grapefruit, stuffed them in a jar and covered them with vinegar. I’m going to let them sit for…I don’t know…a week? Two? This also happens to be one of those things that I was like “oh neat!” skimmed it over and then forgot to actually bookmark. Does anyone else do that? I’ll probably google it in a bit.

P.S. The Christmas craft fair was last weekend and I got myself a yarn bowl. YAY! I always go to those things with the best of intentions and plan on getting lots of gift shopping done, and then I just buy myself a bunch of stuff…


P.P.S. I am taking an online course on building wordpress sites right now, so hopefully there will be some improvements to the blog in the near future.

P.P.P.S. That yarn in the bowl, it is meant to be a hitchhiker, but the edged were really messy and I couldn’t figure out why. I was about halfway through it when I realized that I was doing my yarn overs like I would if I was crocheting… which is the wrong way for knitting and apparently creates messy edges.

P.P.P.P.S. I went to Catching Fire tonight and it was really good. And there was lots of super awesome yarny apparel in it. I know everyone is talking about the Katniss cowl, but I really liked the sweater that looked like it was made of doilies that Effie is wearing in the beginning.


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