A Cold Day in February


Its cold. Like -12˚C cold. There is this crazy wind blowing too so I am sure it feels more like -20 out there. We have been burning through firewood like nobody’s business. Sylas and I are hibernating. I am ignoring the fact that I have to go to work later tonight. Most of my days lately are spent toting around this  basket of yarn and squares, hooking up rounds whenever I get the chance.


This is going to be Raidens blanket. He insisted that I had to make him one, and I am a sucker for those big brown eyes of his… and Sylas’s… and Jasons… so basically I am screwed whenever the boys in my life want anything. But I am okay with that.


I have 18 colors of Stylecraft in total and 3 shades of gray. So I have 5 more sets of colors to go after I am finished the one I am working on now, then I will join them all in the darkest shade of gray using the granny join as you go method from Attic 24. That is my plan at the moment anyways. 049

I also baked bread today, mostly because I wanted some buns to go with soup for dinner. I tried using vital wheat gluten for the first time. I haven’t tried them yet, but I am really hoping that it will make my bread hold together better so when I am making sandwiches for lunches they are a little bit easier to eat and less crumble-and-fall-aparty. Does anyone else use vital wheat gluten when they make bread? Do you get good results? Cold Day February

This kid. I have tried to donate those clothes to the gleaners like 5 times, they are way too small. I put them into the bag and he takes them out and we just go back and forth. They are some of his favorites apparently. He also likes to wear shorts all the time… but being my wonderfully quirky little son if he is wearing a pair of shorts they have to match his shirt. It is the cutest thing ever. Seriously. Also he just bit the corner off 2 pages of a board book. Yeah. He’s a monster.



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