Three Things


One: This cowl that I made with my Christmas yarn. Ravelled here. Do you like my wonderful photoshop job? I suck at editing my pictures unless it involves the quick edit buttons and a resize. But the sun finally peeked out from behind the clouds today so I was all like “Yay! Picture time!” By the time I got outside it was all dreary again and my pictures turned out kind of bleh, so I figured why not mess with this one a bit.


Two: This beautiful needlework tapestry that I found at the gleaners the other day that is being sat on by the cat. Who looks sort of insane, which…he is. Seriously. That cat is crazy. I am thinking that this would look amazing as a tote bag, but I am worried that the stitches in the needlework are too long so they might catch on things and the whole thing would be ruined really quickly. I guess I could find a frame for it and hang it on the wall. Hmm. Decisions.


Three: I was reminded (by a class list in Raidens backpack today) that Valentines Day is coming up so he needs valentines for his class. Now…we live 10 minutes out of town, and I know that to some people that doesn’t seem like a very far drive, but to me it means that I try to plan every trip into town and driving into town just for valentines between now and Friday is just not going to happen. So I decided to make them. Twenty little hearts with twenty little tags and then I will be done. So I am taking a break from my blanket to work on these. Right now I have three. Therefore this is item number three on my list of three today.

And I’m done.


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