Somewhat of a mission…

kata blanket wip

Seriously though, I really am on a mission to finish this blanket! All the squares are done so it is just joining time and then the border. I was really good at weaving in my ends as I went along while making the squares but now I am just so excited to see what this blanket is going to look like when it is finished that I am just crocheting like mad and pretending that ends do not exist. I will pay for that later. I know.

blanket arrangement

I kind of got to a point in this project where I didn’t really want to work on it because I wasn’t sure that it would turn out quite the way that I saw it in my head but It was too late to rip it out. It was a kind of annoying because I made myself a little rule that I couldn’t start any of the million sewing projects that have been bouncing around in my head until I finished this blanket so I just wasn’t doing anything at all. Well that’s a lie, I was cooking and baking lots. But now all is well, the squares are done and I think this is going to turn out nicely and then Raiden will be happy and I will be on to other things.

sys picture

Speaking of other things…we have been on the weirdest schedule here, caused by two things. Or three maybe. 1: Raiden is on spring break for two weeks so no school. 2: Jason is working super long night shifts so he leaves the house at 9:30 and gets home around noon the next day. 3: I am only working one day a week at the moment. Friday to be exact.

So here is the breakdown of our day. Me and the boys wake up in the morning whenever we feel like. Strangely I have been waking up before them and just kind of hang out quietly until they wake up. I think I am doing this out of necessity,  because this is about the only time I am getting to myself these days. They boys get up and then things such as breakfast and arguing with Raiden about the X-Box and coloring occur. We have lunch and then Jason gets home and we get him for an hour or two, depending on the time and he goes to bed at about 2 o’clock. Then me and the boys hang out some more, have a late snack and maybe watch a movie and then I have dinner ready for 8 o’clock when Jason gets up. The boys get to hang out with him for another hour. There is usually a temper tantrum thrown by one or both of them about how they want to go to work with daddy. He leaves and we all pile into bed and go to sleep and the next day it starts all over again.


I don’t really mean to complain it’s just that in that whole little routine there is about an hour *maybe* that I get to myself. I just needed to get it out there. Really I know it is a good thing that Jason is working lots right now since it is almost time for him to go on break up and then he won’t be working at all so I will just suck it up and shut up now.

I ripped down the wallpaper in my entry way!

After I finish this post I am going to get started on some bread dough.

I am looking for a way to use up the stockpile of frozen overripe bananas in my freezer. Every time I make banana muffins I am the only one who eats them.

The sun is SHINING today and when I went outside to take a picture of my blanket I found some green things poking up in my flowerbeds.

But we are still using the woodstove.

I am debating if I should apply for another part time job…the deadline for applications is the 28th so I will think on it for a few days.

Or maybe I should get down to making things and have a stall at the farmers market again this summer.

I am babysitting my niece today *she’s the same age as Sylas* and she brought waffle batter and cantaloupe with her for  breakfast.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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