New Year New Cheer? Beer? Tear? (i wish i could rhyme like dr. seuss)

Hello little blog that I haven’t posted to in 9 months. Hello anyone who is out there still reading. So this is me jumping on the new years bandwagon. Kinda. Would you believe that I write blog posts in my head all the time. I just never really get around to actually blogging them. So…this is whats what!
Inspired by Jodi over at Practicing Simplicity I am going to be starting a 52 week project documenting my boys. Probably to be made into some sort of book when it’s finished. You have to keep the grandparents happy you know? This project will be helped along with my awesome new birthday camera! Jason bought me a Canon Rebel T5 for my birthday. I have no idea how to really use it, but I know that I absolutly love looking through a viewfinder to take a picture, and zooming by turning your lens…yay! So I am thinking that Thursdays will be the day that I force the internet to look at how awesome my kids are.

This month I am doing a 31 Day Financial Boot Camp Course over at Live Like You are Rich. It is a free course that sends you an email every day with a challenge of the finance related type. We would really like to start being more financially accountable and pay down some of our debt, so I thought that this would be a good place to start.

I need to take some pictures, but I am working on a baby blanket, a cardigan, a bag, another bag and I have a whole bunch of sewing planned as well.

Also, have I mentioned the overwhelming need that I am feeling to give my whole house a makeover? There is that too. Look for paint splatters in the future!


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